Our Story

Imagine Bracelets is the brainchild of your favorite bracelet makers, DivinityLA! It didn’t take long for us to realize how incredibly unique each and every DivinityLA customer is, and the need for a way to bring your individual ideas to life. Imagine Bracelets is a company made for YOU by YOU. Our goal is to take your creative visions and bring them to fruition in the shape of one-of-a-kind bracelets. Regardless of the color, shape, size, or meaning of your project, if you can imagine it we can create it!

Just like DivinityLA, each Imagine bracelet is handmade to order in Los Angeles by one of our awesome artisans. Every ounce of love and care that you put into designing these bracelets, we also put into creating them, making them as singular as you! When imagining your bracelet concept we encourage all our customers to let their expressive and creative thoughts flow freely to bring about your most raw and rare inventions. Be inspired by the world around you, and the people, places, experiences, and aspirations that make you who you are.

Staying true to our roots, Imagine Bracelets also donates a portion of each bracelet sale to a charity of YOUR choice. With each new piece you create you can select the organization that will receive the donation from your bracelet. Not only are you designing the bracelet that you feel expresses your individuality, but you are also choosing to help the cause that you feel most connected to. To request a new charity to be featured on our site, please send your suggestions to hello@imaginebracelets.com.

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